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*      YES, I have a NEED FOR HOUSING.  I currently do not qualify for financing from a bank; or my current living situation is overcrowded; or my house or apartment has major problems that my landlord will not fix.

*      YES, I have the ABILITY TO PAY A MORTGAGE. I have not had a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the past two years and do NOT have any unpaid judgments or liens on my credit. My household income is between $20,000 and $48,000 a year, depending on the number in my household.

*      YES, I am WILLING TO PARTNER.  I am willing to complete at least 500 sweat equity hours by attending classes, volunteering in my community, and working on the construction of my home as well as the construction of other Habitat Homes in my community.


*NOTE: We only build homes in Knox County. Click here to find the Habitat for Humanity affiliate closest to you.



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Homeownership is a big part of The American Dream. At Knoxville Habitat for Humanity, we are a proud partner with individuals and families who are living in substandard housing conditions who want a safe and comfortable place to call home.

From donations of money or land to cars and items we sell, here’s how you can help.

Learn construction skills, meet new people and share yourself for a great cause.

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