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A determined woman that "won't give up"

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Shannon is a determined lady.


In early 2014, she came out of a bad marriage and was left with nothing to her name except for debt, two young sons and a new baby due later that summer.


Finding Safety, Security and Peace

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Bekele and his wife, Aster, are hardworking and caring parents to two sweet and intelligent daughters, Tsion (age 11) and Lidiya (age 5). Both girls are smart and active in their schools, with Lidiya just starting kindergarten this year. The girls are also both active in a local church, where Tsion sings in the choir.


More Room to Grow

“This is a really good year for me and my son,” says Martin, a single father in the Knoxville Habitat program. “My son just graduated (high school) in May, and now we’re going to be building our home in the fall!”


A mother's dream of homeownership

Monica is a single mother that cares for sons Aristotle (15) and Michael (8), as well as daughter Meah (6). This loving family is extremely supportive of each other, and Monica describes herself as a “hands-on momma.” This has resulted in well-mannered children that are often recognized for being very kind to others.


Aristotle is an athlete at his high school, where he’s involved with football and track. Monica says she’s “his number one fan,” and the family spends a lot of time at his practices and games.

A more stable and healthy place for kids

Tabitha is a hardworking administrative assistant and mother to three adorable boys:  Ja’Ques (age 6), Kamaurie (age 5) and Kajuan (age 3).


Tabitha’s sons love basketball, football, and reading books with their mom. They also love to go to their grandparents house because they can play outside in a yard … something they have never been able to do in their own home.


"Something we can call 'ours'"

Although Melody McAllister has experienced tragedy and heartbreak over the past year, she is looking forward to a new beginning as a homeowner.

Raising her children in rental homes and now living in a two-bedroom apartment, she has never owned her own home. She is currently raising one of her nine grandchildren, nine year-old Domisha.

Finding peace and stability

Jean Claude and Kari’s story is one of determination, hard work and never giving up. This couple began their life together in their home country of Burundi, an area located in Africa and bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country has a deep history of numerous conflicts that left Burundi undeveloped with one of the world’s poorest populations. The country’s citizens face corruption, poor access to health and education services, and hunger.

Where Family Comes Together

Nikecia is the mother of three daughters (Jaywanza, Rikecia and Lanecia) and one teenage son (Jomante) as well as grandmother to a baby girl turning two this year (Kavonna). Nikecia’s home is a busy hub where her family comes together to have fun and stay connected.

"... Somewhere they can always come home ..."

Melinda has been working hard and is so excited to be building a home for her family. She is a mom to three daughters: Tonkquesha (age 22), Kayla (age 18) and Tia (age 11). Melinda and her girls constantly stay busy with work, school and church activities. With all that keeps them on the go, this family makes sure to spend time together by gathering for meals and going to church.

A Long Journey to Find Peace and Stability

Silas’s story is a powerful one of a man that has overcome all obstacles to provide peace and a future for his family.


Originally from Rwanda, Silas is married to Philomene, and together they have five children: Silvia (age 21), Julius (age 20), Sonia (age 10), Gloria (age 8) and Alpha (age 2). This family moved to the United States in 2012 after years of moving around in search of a secure place to call home.




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