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Treva believes in the importance of investing



Treva believes in the importance of investing. She is investing in her own house through Knoxville Habitat for Humanity. She is investing in her health with a commitment to exercise and with the encouragement of her friends. And, she is investing in the future of her family. Treva’s daughter Adasia is attending Austen Peay, and her son Desaun is enrolled at Pellissippi State Community College. Her children eagerly anticipate moving to their new home, which brings with it the opportunity for them to create spaces to call their own.  


Keivee and Shamika value their ties to Knoxville

Keivee and Shamika have a busy family.  With one daughter entering the tenth grade at Fulton High School and preparing for college and one daughter starting the seventh grade at Bearden Middle School, there is a lot going on in their household.  Shamika works for Aramark on the University of Tennessee’s campus, and Keivee, while attending class currently to earn his GED, is employed by Camping World in Knoxville.  Both Keivee and Shamika are from Knoxville, and their parents attended school together.

Jennifer is proud of her accomplishments

Jennifer is an enthusiastic, independent single mother with an exciting year ahead of her.  She is building her new house this summer, and her 5 year old son, Javon, starts kindergarten in the fall.  Jennifer and her son are currently renting in Seymour.  “I want to give Javon a new home.  I have never had the opportunity to live in a new house.”  She searched for a house to purchase but was discouraged by the few options available for a single parent on a limited income.  She didn’t have the means to buy and renovate or repair a house.

Eliam and Tarlease have high expectations for their family

Eliam and Tarlease have high expectations for their family.  They are ready to introduce their three young children to a different atmosphere.  After 3 ½ years in their current apartment, they will build their house with Knoxville Habitat for Humanity in June.    


Eliam says, “I experienced challenges in my life that I want my kids to be able to avoid.”  Since their introduction to Habitat for Humanity, Eliam and Tarlease have developed a different vision for their futures and understand what setting goals can accomplish.  


Renee Provides a safe haven for her family

Renee is Grammy to everyone, and while she professes that her children are her motivation, there is no doubt that she provides the inspiration to her immediate and extended family.  In addition to raising her four children, two of whom have their own children, she welcomed four young people in need of a safe, caring place to call home into her family by adopting them.  A true nurturer, Renee currently cares for her teenage son and daughter who live with her; her 12 year old grandson, of whom she has legal custody; and her brother Ronald.

Women Build 2014

Growing up with only brothers, young Renee’ welcomed the companionship, and intervention, of her soul sister and mentor Sheryl “Sissy” Milan. “She hung in there with me,” Renee’ says of Sissy then and now, more than thirty years later. Read more.


A Dream come true for Alisha

Alisha is overjoyed about her opportunity with Knoxville Habitat for Humanity. A single mother with four children, one of whom has special needs, she has been nobly managing a three bedroom household with unique challenges for the past thirteen years. Her current home does not suit the family’s needs; it has been outgrown by teenagers, and it is not handicap accessible. Alisha finds it difficult to maneuver her son’s wheelchair and to accommodate his needs with a restrictive bathtub rather than a more suitable shower.

Homeowners Pay off mortgages to Habitat

We celebrated with several homeowners in East Knoxville who paid off their mortgages to Habitat! 


Mayor Tim Burchett and Mike McClamroch helped build the houses more than two decades ago and came back to join the block party. Both were members of the local Young Republicans, who sponsored the builds. Congratulations to Brenda, Loretta, Quintel, and all the other homeowners who have made their last mortgage payments!


Kendee has hope now

Kendee and her family are counting down the days until they move into their new house.  Kendee admits that building and purchasing her own house in the near future “is what keeps us going.”  She, along with her three children and mother, longs for an escape from their cramped quarters.  For two years, the family of five has shared a small residence with one bathroom.  Modesty is no more, and time management is a struggle, to say the least.  Mom, Mamaw, and the youngest daughter share a bedroom.  


Homeownership is a big part of The American Dream. At Knoxville Habitat for Humanity, we are a proud partner with individuals and families who are living in substandard housing conditions who want a safe and comfortable place to call home.

From donations of money or land to cars and items we sell, here’s how you can help.

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