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Homeowner Highlight: Alician

It has been twelve years since Alician completed her "sweat equity" and built her home. A single mother of three girls, ages 18, 12 and 3, Alician remains thankful for the opportunity she was given to complete the Habitat program and become a homeowner. 


In Pursuit of Safety and a Better Life

Four years ago, Sa and Cherry came to America from Malaysia in pursuit of safety, a better future and the hope of freedom. This couple settled in Knoxville and instantly felt at peace with the area.


The Freedom to Worship, Work and Create a Stable Future

Like the other families building in this year’s Blitz Build, Kap and Lal found Knoxville Habitat through a close-knit church community of Burmese refugees that have come to the U.S. in search of a better life. A life they never experienced before coming to Knoxville, where they have the freedom to worship, work and create a stable future for their children.

A Journey to Find Strength and Stability

Refugees often experience isolation during the beginning of their journey to find freedom and stability, so a sense of community is an aspect that families like Tun and Kham have embraced since arriving in Knoxville two years ago.  Through communities provided by the local Burmese m

Losing a home twice ... and finding hope through Habitat

Irina and Pavel know far too well the importance of shelter. Through hard times and difficult transitions, they now look forward to experiencing the strength and stability of homeownership. They have worked so hard to reach this milestone and have a large family and many friends cheering them on.

Lucretia and family are ready for a safe and secure home

Lucretia is a hardworking single mother of two sons, Jerome (age 20) and Jaqwone (age 17), as well daughter Ranasia (age 10). She also takes care of her niece Jashonda (not pictured).


Although Lucretia works long hours, she loves to spend her free time with her family. Jaqwone is currently a football player in high school considering his opportunities for college, and Ranasia is in elementary school and loves to dance.


A Foundation Built On Faith

Marshina is a hardworking single mother of three and grandmother of two. Her sons – Qashawn, Jazhai and Kishay – were all born eight years apart, with the youngest now five years old. This tight-knit family likes spend time bowling, watching movies or playing games at home. Marshina says her family is so close because their foundation is built on their faith.


“We always put God first … God keeps us going.”


Homeowner Highlight: Stephanie

It has been almost six years since Stephanie completed her "sweat equity" and moved into her home with daughters Zarconia and Keasia as well as her late mother, Stella.


"I realized God wanted better for me ..."

Cindy has lived a life of loss, hard choices and mistakes but, through determination a strong relationship with God, she is overcoming her challenges and finding new hope.

Isaac and Fabiola are eager to raise their sons in a home to call their own

When a family achieves homeownership through Knoxville Habitat for Humanity, they experience the positive impact that achieving safe and secure housing provides. One of the many life-changing outcomes our family partners can gain through the program is the increased ability for parents to provide stability for their children.




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Homeownership is a big part of The American Dream. At Knoxville Habitat for Humanity, we are a proud partner with individuals and families who are living in substandard housing conditions who want a safe and comfortable place to call home.

From donations of money or land to cars and items we sell, here’s how you can help.

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