Small Boy with a Big Heart

He may be only 8 years old, but Lucas Farr, son of board member Dr. Skip Farr and his wife, Kim, presented Knoxville Habitat for Humanity with a special gift, indeed.


For one year, Lucas saved 50 cents each week from his allowance, for a total of $26, which he donated to our affiliate.


"We give our boys $5 a week in allowance. Ten percent is saved for charity and 10 percent is set aside for savings. Lucas decided on his own to donate his money to Habitat," Dr. Farr said of Lucas.


Knoxville Habitat President and CEO Kelle Shultz was touched by the young boy's generosity.


"It is great to see a young person who isn't yet old enough to come out and build with us find a way to contribute to our organization and help people in his community whom he has never met."


Farr said his son is aware of Habitat because of his ties to the organization. Farr is a very active board member, volunteer, and contributor to Knoxville Habitat for Humanity.


Thank you to the Farr family, and especially Lucas, for his very generous gift!





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