Honor/Memory Gifts: November 2010

Thanks to the following individuals for their generous gifts in honor of or in memory of a loved one from November 1 to November 30, 2010. If you would like to make an honor or memory gift, please visit our secure donation page.



In Memory of Betty Barber:

by Elizabeth Rochelle

In Memory of Gordon Bradford:

by Seaton Bradford

In Memory of Nancy Nellis Crago:

by Mary Nellis


In Memory of Robert & Muriel Ellstrom:

by Allan & Donna Jean Ellstrom

In Memory of Donald Fricke:

by Thelma Fricke

In Memory of Wanda Haralson:

by Eric Haralson

In Memory of Fred Harrison:

by Mary Harrison

In Memory of Joyce Howell:

by Dr. R. Christopher Brooks

In Memory of Dennis K. Nagel:

by Joyce E Nagel

In Memory of Ed Sternberg:

by Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ensor, Jr.

In Memory of C. Mike Wood:

by Dorothy B. Hyke



In Honor of Charlie & Moll Anderson:

by Susan K. Krisle

In Honor of Dewey Batson:

by Dewey Batson

In Honor of Glenn & Phyllis Cada:

by Dr. Louden & Maureen Nalle

In Honor of Helen and Arvalee Grant:

by Leann Loughran

In Honor of Amy Hess:

by Knoxville Estate Planning Council

In Honor of Mark Schaefer:

by Association of Government Accountants

In Honor of Gary Sharp:

by Bruce J. Haas





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